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Privacy Notice

PSPsmarsoft takes your privacy very seriously. On this website or in our apps personal data is only collected for technical purposes. In no case we will sell or transfer your data to third parties. The following statement gives an overview of how PSPsmarsoft ensure this protection and what kind of data are collected and for what purpose.

Data processing on this website

PSPsmarsoft collects and stores the following data in out server:

  • browsertyp/ -version
  • used operating system
  • Referrer URL
  • hostname of the client machine (IP Adresse)
  • timestamp of the request
This data can not be related to any physical person. This data is not merged with other data sources. After a statistical evaluation this data is deleted.

Data processing in our Apps

PSPsmartsoft does not collect any personal data in its Apps (iKomp, iKompDesktop). In order to realize the In-App-Purchase auro-renewable subscritpion feature PSPsmartsoft stores only the transaction data for each iTunes purchase. This data contains no personal data. Theirr only purpose is to identify a transaction with Apple. In any case PSPsmartsoft can not obtain the related iTunes user data. The transaction data is stored and secured on our servers using current state of the art technologies. The transaction data contains the following elements:

  • transactions ID
  • purchase date
  • version of the iOS (iOS Version)
  • product ID


Websites use in different places so called cookies. Cookies serve to make the webpages more user friendly, efficient and secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored by your browser localy. We only use session cookies. This kind of cookies are deleted automatically at the end of your visit on our pages. Cookies do not harm you comupter and do not contain any virus.